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If everything seems to be going well, it's not luck, its Acura. Only Acura can deliver the reliability of knowing that no matter where you need to go you have a vehicle that was made to ride. Erin Mills Acura, Mississauga's premium Acura dealership, wants all existing and new Acura owners to experience how uncomplicated life can be with an Acura. For over 45 years our mission has always been to be one of Ontario's best automotive solutions for Canadian drivers. We are here to assist with all your Acura needs beyond the showroom. We strive for excellent customer service and want to continue to hear from you in order to continue delivering a higher level of customer service.

Erin Mills Acura offers an extended warranty program with Acura Plus, Acura lease guard, and Acura Protection Plans and Packages. The Acura Plus extended warranty program covers specified parts and components. Simply choose from our flexible selection of coverage options for the type of protection you need. The Acura lease guard provides peace of mind by relieving you of the financial responsibility to cover vehicle wear and tear costs at lease turn-in time. The numerous Protection Plans and Packages available will keep your Acura in showroom condition for as long as you own it.

All vehicles need to be serviced and inspected regularly. Most Acura vehicles are equipped with the Maintenance Minder system, which is an onboard computer that recommends what and when services are needed. However, if your Acura does not feature this system, we have your covered with our online Acura Maintenance Calculator. Schedule a service appointment today and one of our highly skilled technicians in our Service Department will give your Acura the treatment it deserves.

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