Protect your Acura with the best exterior Acura ILX Exterior Accessories: Rear Splash Guards, Rear Deck Lid Spoiler, Front Underbody Spoiler, Rear Underbody Spoiler, Side Underbody Spoiler, Engine Block Heater, Fog Lights, Rear Back-Up Sensors, Door Mirror Cover, Lower Door Garnish, Rear Bumber Applique, Hood Edge Deflector, Door Edge Film, Wheel Locks, Car Cover, Touch-Up Paint Pen and more. Acura Genuine Accessories are a great way of adding that final touch to your Acura!

Find the best Acura ILX Exterior Accessories!

Rear Splash Guards - Acura ILX

Rear Splash Guards

Stylish and durable, these custom-fitted Rear Splash Guards help protect the lower body side of your ILX from mud and road debris.

Rear Deck Lid Spoiler - Acura ILX

Rear Deck Lid Spoiler

This custom-contoured Deck lid Spoiler enhances the elegant styling of your ILX.

Front Underbody Spoiler - Acura ILX 

Front Underbody Spoiler

Front Underbody Spoiler coloured to match auto body.

Rear Underbody Spoiler - Acura ILX

Rear Underbody Spoiler

The Rear Underbody Spoiler further defines the aerodynamic styling of your ILX.

Side Underbody Spoiler - Acura ILX

Side Underbody Spoiler

Make the drive even more exciting with the addition of Side Skirts while adding to the aerodynamic styling of your ILX.

Engine Block Heater - Acura ILX

Engine Block Heater

Don't let the cold Canadian winters stop you from enjoying your new car. The addition of the Engine Block Heater will help ensure a smooth start even on the coldest days.

Fog Lights, Led - Acura ILX

Fog Lights, Led

These sporty Fog Lights accentuate its front end design, and help to increase visibility during adverse driving conditions.

 Rear Back-Up Sensors - Acura ILX

Rear Back-Up Sensors

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel - Acura ILX

18" Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel

Door Mirror Cover - Acura ILX

Door Mirror Cover, Chrome

Enhances the aerodynamic styling and sport appeal of the vehicle.

Lower Door Garnish - Acura ILX

Lower Door Garnish, Chrome

The Chrome Door Trim is a stylish accent that gives your ILX an even more upscale look.

Rear Bumber Applique - Acura ILX

Rear Bumber Applique

Urethane film protects the rear bumper finish while loading and unloading. The UV resistant clear coat protects the rear bumper from scratches and scrapes when loading your items in your ILX.

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Hood Edge Deflector - Acura ILX

Hood Edge Deflector 

This stylish Hood Edge Deflector helps protect the finish from small stones and flying insects.

Door Edge Film - Acura ILX

Door Edge Film

Invisible layer of protection for your doors.

Wheel Locks, Exposed - Acura ILX

Wheel Locks, Exposed

For that extra peace of mind, the durable triple nickel over case-hardened steel construction helps protect your wheels and tires against theft. 

Car Cover - Acura ILX

Car Cover

Protect the finish of your ILX with this custom-fitted car cover.

Touch-Up Paint Pen - Acura ILX

Touch-Up Paint Pen

Matched to your original paint colour, keep the Touch-Up Paint Pen on hand to conveniently cover minor scratches should they occur.

Alloy Wheel - Acura ILX

18" Alloy Wheel, Black 

Attract even more attention with these stunning 18" Black Alloy Wheels, structurally matched to the original vehicle design so that handling remains undisturbed.

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