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Oil Change in Mississauga, ON

As car owners, we know regular oil changes are essential roughly every 5,000km's but do you truly comprehend the importance of regular oil changes? Over time, dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of an engine. Routine oil and filter changes help remove dirt and debris and keep your engine running at peak condition.

Signs your vehicle requires an oil and filter change.

As your vehicle ages and the mileage increases, the frequency for oil changes can vary. Here are some warning signs that you should bring your vehicle into Erin Mills Acura Service Centre to refresh the oil:

  • Excess vehicle exhaust. If you see what looks like smoke from your exhaust that is more than usual, the change can indicate a serious issue. Typically, excess exhaust indicates that your engine oil has become too old to function properly.
  • Low oil level. If you find yourself topping off your oil frequently, your oil system has likely developed a problem.
  • Increased engine noise. Oil lubricates your engine so that all components work together smoothly. When oil becomes old you might hear the issue every time you drive.
  • Irregular oil texture. Oil becomes darker as it runs through engines. Over time oil can pick up small particles of grime that make the liquid gritty.
  • Check engine light. If your oil needs immediate attention this is the light you will see.
  • Shaking while idling. Abnormal vibrations or shaking motions when idling is the result of a high level of friction in your engine when the oil needs to be changed.

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