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Vehicle theft accounts for 13.5% of all property crime in Canada.  With 2 million cars stolen each year in North America, why would you choose not to protect your new vehicle?  In the past decade, Canada has become the car theft capital of North America, with approximately 400 cars stolen every day.  Those are disturbing high statistics that you do not want to be a part of.  Fortunately for you, there is a way you can protect your Acura.  The Silent Sentinel Program is an anti-theft protection answer for your vehicle.

Silent Sentinel Anti-Theft Etch

A traceable ID number (the vehicle identification number) is permanently imprinted into all the vehicle's body panels, deterring thefts.  Silent Sentinel deters vehicle thieves by alerting them of the etching applied on all significant parts of your car, which is too costly and risky for thieves or chop shops. Etching is an effective 24hr theft prevention system that does not require extra care or attention by the owner.

Silent Sentinel Anti-Theft Etch

What Are the Advantages of the Silent Sentinel Program?

If your vehicle is new, an upscale model, an SUV or van, or you live in a metropolitan area or suburbs; you may be at high risk of theft.  A few advantages of the Sentinel Program include:

  • Vehicle Registration - Your vehicle's description and owner's data is registered through the computerized database, which can be accessed by all law enforcement agencies.
  • Transfer - This warranty is transferrable to your vehicle's future purchaser if the new owner applies for the transfer.
  • Law Enforcement Cooperation - Silent Sentinel will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to gain their cooperation in supporting VIN etching and promoting awareness that stealing vehicles with VIN etching will land thieves in jail.
  • Free Protection Replacement - VIN etching will be re-applied free when you replace any previously etched vehicle part on your registered vehicle.
  • Length of Coverage - Depending on your vehicle's current age, Silent Sentinel can provide up to 5 years of protection.
  • Savings - Please check with your insurer as they may be in a position to reduce premiums since your vehicle is more than adequately protected against theft.

How Efficient Is The Silent Sentinel Program?

The first thing thieves generally do is remove the VIN so the stolen car cannot be identified.  If the VIN has been stamped into the vehicle's glass or any other major component, usually the time spent and money to get the windshield and windows replaced is enough to deter theft.  For more information about the Silent Sentinel Program, contact us.